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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcome to Journal HeART 15

Hi guys!!

(Apologies in advance this post has a lot of writing as there's much to talk about for our new jolly!)

Welcome to week 1 of our exciting new venture into Art Journalling.
I hope to make this group appealling to every level of art journallist, beginner - experienced. Everyone counts! The aim is that we share prompts, techniques, ideas and styles to inspire every week through 2015, we will support each other, learn together and hopefully have a WHOLE loadda fun! 
I will also be running art journalling classes along the way to supplement what we do here. Hope you can join me in real life!!

(background journal page from my 1st journal 2013)

So what is art journalling? A million $ question - 'n' one there is no single answer too!!

It's anything you want it to be. It can be a diary augmented with pictures and colour, it can be a record of a holiday/event/occassion. Sometimes its a sketchbook to learn how to draw or one to practice interesting or new techniques in, while it may also be a really private personal place where you try and explain/release thoughts and feelings to yourself. At the end of the day - its yours - you dont have to show/share - Make it what you WANT it to be!!! There's no right/wrongs.

Me personally - it's an art diary ( or several in my case for diff things) It may/may not have words - shock horror it may not have art - it may just be colour lol! That's the beauty of journals they are all individual.

(photo courtesey of

So second question......and a biggy!! What can I use as a journal? Simplez - absolutamente ANYTHIN' !!!

You can buy a purposely designed book, ring bound or spined, with diff types of paper to suit. Go with the best your budget allows - when you know you are happy with AJ you can experiment more. Old books/dicionaries/diaries can also be converted and we will cover that over the coming weeks :-) 

What I will say is that if you are a newbie get yourself a book you are comfy with - you do NOT want to be afraid of it so maybe dont start with a super duper expensive one. You cannot be afraid of actually putting pen, pencil or paint and ink. I still have one of Dyan's large journals that I am afraid of ruining!!!

Having said all that about books though - you dont even need a book to start!! He he dont you like the fact that rules can be broken so easily lol. :-) You can simply start with a piece of paper and create a page and then when you have several you can fix them together into a handmade book. We will cover that later in the year :-)

So now I have bored you senseless I hope you will stick around for the journey.

This week I just want everyone to have a little look at art journal pages on line (Beware you will loose DAYS on Pinterest :-) !!!! ) and if you get chance create a little page about the no 1/the first time/ the start/ new challenge.

Doesnt need to be complicated - just a sentiment on a page or a number and a bit of ink or paint.....

(Love the new - Journal page for Journal HeART 01/01/15)
This page was made using gelatos - I see the runoffs as the different paths 2015 may take and I used bright hot colours to reflect excitement

(Pinch Punch 1st of the month - 01/01/15) 

This was just a page of acrylic paint and stencil clean of (wiping brushes and dabbing off excess sprays of stencils) I made my own no 1 stencil and applied white acrylic paint through it and then doodled and wrote in 6B pencil - If you do choose to write in journals - it doesnt have to be legible just jot down quickly

So they you have it we have lift off!! Happy journalling and I look forward to seeing your pages over the next week here

Crafty cheers for now





  1. Yay a great start to a fab journey in 2015, hugs xxx

  2. just found your blog and this looks interesting, never done an AJ before, Am trying new things/challenges for 2015 - going to have a go! xx amanda

  3. Whoop whoop start if a new creative journey, thanks for kicking butt xx

  4. A new day, a new year, and a new challenge. Thank you Rae for taking the time to do this. x

  5. Blooming awesome Rae! Thank you for taking and making time to do this for us all. Happy New Year too! Karen xx

  6. So lovely to see you all excited!! Xx

  7. Thanks for all the advice, I'll stop fretting about getting a "proper" art journal and see what I already have xx

  8. This looks really interesting and I haven't done one before.
    Thank you for sharing
    Linda xxx

  9. Thanks for getting this group going Rae the bokeh technique has already of inspired me for my 1st entry and I am sure that now I have started it won't be my last x

  10. Here goes then let's see what happens xx

  11. Love this Rae ! Cant wait to start again .....need to dust mine off and get cracking Mo-JO Oh Mo_jo ...I know I put it somewhere ummmm!

  12. Thank you so much for setting all this in motion Rae. I have had that blank journal sitting around for about 2 years and could NOT bring myself to start it. Seeing everyone else who are new to this, having a go and producing great pages just spurred me on. Once I got that first coat of paint on I was in love...... Onwards and upwards xxx

  13. Love your post & piccy's Rae, going to have a go xx

  14. i need to start. thanks for this Rae. need to get a journal too xx

  15. Fabulous start Rae - so inspirational that I can't wait for my visitors to leave & I can play ;) Thanks for starting this group & kick starting my mojo, who left me for almost all of last year!!! Hugs Ann xx

  16. Thanks Rae, such a good start to this, Im really looking forward to travelling on this adventure with you and everyone else :-)

  17. You can't imagine how brilliant it was reading you blog. It was friendly, accessible and NON scary!! I look at journalling a lot and have so many mixed thoughts, mostly that the stuff looks like something a ten year old could do better. However now I've read that I UNDERSTAND. Forget the ten year old, I'm ready to rumble. Thank you xxx

    1. I am so pleased u feel like giving it a go Jennie sometimes it IS about releasing the"inner child" but sometimes we want a bit more. I do hope you will join us :-) xx