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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Write on it - Journal HeART 15 Week 5

Howdo!! Thursday is here again already!!

So how are you all getting on with your journals?? Certainly seems like you are enjoying the new challange??

So now comes the point you all hate me lol - there's been lots of chatter in our group this week so I decided to use your converstaions as this weeks page....

.....You have probably already guessed...this week you are going to get writing!!! now I know this is a really daunting challenge to a lot of you but remember - You have already cracked drawing/doodling. There are lots of tips online and hundreds of books so you have full permission to lose a day or three in research ;-) lol

Take yourself back to basics and remember one of the most important things with lettering is to TAKE YOUR TIME. Enjoy it.

So this is my page - I chose to make the writing the focal point of my page but you can obviously write on one of your coloured pages too. I created this page using different widths of Posca coloured pens ( ) and a black micron pen, however try your alcohol markers, your paints with a brush, pencils, crayons, gelatos, biro, fountain pen - anything you can think of. There are tonnes of markers on the market and they all do different/same things. Start with what you already have and then explore more.

On my page I initially sketched out lines in pencil to write my letters between.....remember like we did when we learned to write at primary school?? Then I lightly marked out the letters in pencil before working over them in the various inks - it takes an awful lot of the scariness out! Once I was happy I then erased the pencil lines before finishing decorating the page.

So off we go.....this week's Prompt!

PICK A WORD/PHRASE and add it to a page in an arty style. If you want why not try creating a writing sampler page with lots of different styles so you can see which suits you be it bold and curvy or light and angular.

Can't wait to see what you all come up with this week - You really have created some awesome pages so far this year guys. You are a real source of inspiration!!

Happy journalling

Crafty cheers for now 





  1. Fantastic page Rae. Love this challenge. Certainly working outside my comfort zone :)

  2. Ooo looking forward to doing this one Rae x

  3. great one Rae - I hope my journal arrives soon - itching to join in xx

  4. i really need to find some time for journalling. love this writing xx

  5. My hand writting not the best but will give it ago as fingers not that good x