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Monday, 29 December 2014

Bokeh tutorial.......

Good evening all!!

Tonight I'd like to share with you a little tutorial for my new "fave" technique - "Bokeh" :-)
I know I promised it on Boxing Day but you know how that time flies thing is....

So what is "Bokeh" ???

Well it originates from the art of photography and is basically a soft out of focus blur/haze on a photo. Often seen on pics of fairy lights at this time of year.

Surfing the net at the beginning of December I came across a couple of cards created using this effect and fell in love so I created my own version of the technique ( It is also covered in a different way/medium in January's Craft Stamper)

So how dowe do it......well it is super super easy...

What do you need?

Substrate - card/mdf blank or whatever you want to cover
Selection of acrylic paints - for this projects I used 2 shades of gold and silver
White acrylic paint
Scrap card
1 inch flat brush
make up sponge
Circle cutter/nesting circle dies
(Gesso if using Mdf - cover with this b4 step 1)

Step 1) Cover your chosen project in a couple of layers of your coloured paints. Make sure they overlap slightly and blend.

Step 2) die cut 3 different sized circles from scrapcard to form your template (I used black here to help with photography - I would suggest you use white to prevent any die leaking out of the card stock and ruining your project...)

Step 3) Squeeze out a little white acrylic and then sponge through your various circles taking turns to overlap. Be careful to only apply a thin layer of paint - if you are anxious about overloading colour you could add a small spritz of water to the white to let it down slightly. Not too much though or it may run under your stencil. As you overlap the depth of white increases. You can cover your entire project for a very soft look or you can leave some blank space like I did.

Once dry stamp and decorate to taste

.....simple easy but beautifully effective I think! 

Why not try using a pale pastel / translucent paint (a paint with see through properties ) or as suggested in CS, a chalk white ink as your Bokeh layer instead of white acrylic.

Hope you have enjoyed tonights tutorial

Thank you for stopping by and saying Hi

Crafty Cheers for now





  1. Beatiful Rae! Have been trying this technique too, ready for my next class. Love the heart, what a special keepsake :) xx

  2. *beautiful (laptop is falling to bits, lol)!

  3. Clever ....I like this a lot xxxx lovely Rae thanks for sharing xxxx

  4. Lovely project, definitely a must try, thank you for explaining this, fab technique xx

  5. Beautiful result Rae, thanks for sharing ☺ xxx

  6. thanks for he tutorial. i really like this effect so will be trying it xx

  7. Great tutorial and thanks for sharing, loving the cards and heart.
    Linda xxx

  8. This is gorgeous Rae thanks for sharing it. Will deffo be trying it your way as I do have white acrylic paint, lol xxx

  9. Right! Another thing for me to try. You are amazing Rae x

  10. I am definitely going to try this. It looks really good. Thanks for sharing Rae xxx

  11. Fabulous project Rae! Thankyou for sharing! Xx

  12. Love the effect, I have to try this x