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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Something old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue - Journal Heart 15 week 21

Hi guys!!

Welcome to Thursday and week 21!! This year is flying by!!

I have spent much of this week working on wedding commissions and plans (not mine!!!)
So this week's inspiration was staring me in the face 


He he yup he is back lol, well this girl has to dream. Well the Old for this was the old book pages on the base...

Something New was the Visible Image Stamp set......which mirrored the stencil I used perfectly ( it was a happy accident as this page had been started months ago!

Something borrowed......well thats a bit tougher, the image is borrowed from the internet and I borrowed my neighbours printer as mine had yet another hissy fit!!

,,,,and the Something Blue....well I am sure you can see that for yourselves!! 

To "bed" the picture into the page I used lots of scraps of old diecuts and coloured them to fit - using the Crushed Olive as an accent colour has stopped the page getting too samey. Just be careful when you use accent colour that it stays that way and doesn't take over....hehe experience talking!!

Nothing goes to waste on my pages - even the babywipe I used to clean up has made it behind the photo and in the opp corner - carrying things thru from top to bottom/left to right/diagonanlly helps to keep your page balanced. I just tend to use a little bit of the layers/patterns/colours to keep the focus on the main image.

For this page I have used some "secret journalling" for my writing, I wrote my journalling out on a seperate page and then used a punch before adding them to my layout.
There are lots of times when you dont want your private thoughts on show so why not have a go at "hiding" them into your page.

So there it is - give it a go and try and use at least 2 of the prompts, if not them all......

Happy journallin' ;-)

Crafty Cheers for now




Friday, 15 May 2015

Doodletastic journalling - Journal Heart Week 20

Goodly morning Bloggers!!

Welcome to another Thursday ( thank the lord the its not a BH holiday this week - I have all the days in the right order!! )

So this week our journalling is back to doodling dont all run off in horror!

Zentangle (or posh doodling!) is still a really popular and relaxing past time and anyone CAN do it. 
I always try to do 20mins a day normally 1st thing in the am / last thing at night as it helps clear my head for the day ahead / get my head into sleep zone which as an insomniac is vital!

Zentangle is simply about using repeating strokes to create patterns and images.... the image above is one I have drawn and then filled in but you could as easily use an open stamp ot stencil to practice.

Here is a close up of the detailing - this is NOT a process to be rushed. I like to work on full pages and do a bit each day and it can take a week or two to finish each page. A good tip is to make sure that your patterns always join with the lines around the edge. Gaps make your patterns look unfinished.

Now I DO NOT expect a full page BUT try drawing a 3in square on your page n fill that in and have fun...

Now the purists and white.... Well I break rules ooooh!! Arrest me :-P! 
Here are pages with added colour use specific pens (Micron etc) or use your biro/pencil. Those Memo blocks are REALLY handy - esp like me if you have spent the last millenium on the phone/on hold, it can be done any time. A habit I picked up from my Dad, who as well as being an all round medical guru was also an artist with several exhibitions to his name.

This page started off as just 7 circles doodled around a jar lid.....again add colour if you want BUT you can also add dimension with shading once your page is finished

The shading I have added with a soft pencil (2b) gives the layered effect on the circle....

So there it is pick up your pen/pencil/biro and add it to this week's page....

Happy Journalling

Crafty cheers for now




Thursday, 7 May 2015

Rainbows.....Journal HeART week 19

Good moaning bloggers!!

Oh what a delightful few days of weather we have had 'up north this week!! NOT!!! 
However it has given me the inspiration for this week's prompt.....
that wonderful phenomenon RAINBOWS

As you may have realised by now any excuse for me to break out the colour pot and brighten the day....

So I used lots of translucent paints to create a base layer of red, yellow and orange (ok ok I did sneak a bit of pink in as it was left over from another project :-P) all applied with baby wipes until I was happy with the vibrancy. I love translucents as they add tone without making a page look "heavy" or dull.

Then I added a small amount of blue and electric green before adding the opaque pale violet through a prima stencil

I then took this fab stencil from Donna Downey and added a light whitewash and the indigo colour to make her stand off the page some more.

To finish I added the wording freehand using white detail to make it pop.

I was so happy with this page I decided to repeat it as an inspirational canvas for my new ETSY shop.....FaireFoxArt

So there it is take RAINBOWS as your inspiration, 
whether its using the colours as I did or the shapes as I have done in this earlier page....

Happy Journalling and see you all next week!!

Crafty Cheers for now