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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Emotions and a look at alternate journals - journal Heart week 12

Hi Everyone!!!

I cannot believe how quick this year is flying by!! Spring is making a brief appearence this week - hope it lasts!

Now this week's journalling is very personal and I completely understand if you don't want to share lots of pages BUT for me my journal's are an important cathartic release from everyday stresses or more. I have never shared these pages before and won't again but I feel it is important you see this aspect of journalling. I urge everyone to try it at least once to see if you can capture a mood or rid yourself of ill feelings

I have a couple of journals specifically for this - I don't always want my very private feelings floating through my general journals. I want them in a seperate place - once I have put them to paper they are "out" and no longer drain me (if they are negative)

For some reason - and I can't explain why - I like to use alternative journals for this ...

....these are 2 of them. An old diary and a free book that held no interest for me.....

So I christened it with this page.......

These are very simple journal pages I use nothing but pens in them so that I can carry them anywhere, trains, coffee shops, tour buses, street cafes, the garden, the park etc and work easily.

When it comes to pens I have a wide range but I love my Posca Pens, my Sharpies which I carry everywhere and my pencils (H, B, 3B and 6B and my Spectrum Noir blendable pencils) for use at home

With these journals it is important to only do them for yourself - they are more like diaries than journals and often contain pages with a darker edge....

or a quote or lyric that captures a feeling or a moment...

All of my pages are freehand which I accept is not everyone's preferred skill but you could use your stamp collection as a starting point and then add your own doodles and marks and lettering (ooooo that dreaded word......!!!)

I love the way the words are still visible I think it adds for an interesting background so why not find yourself an old book and be brave......I do not use Gesso as a primer on any of these pages because I want the recycled look. If you are not feeling inspired emotionally why not skip through a page and look for a single word that may inspire you? If you look under the eye above you will see the page talks about this case a happy accident BUT it could be an inspiration...

So happy journalling folks!!!

Feel free to share - you are amongst friends but if you want to do it as I normally do and keep it private go for it. See if it captures or releases a mood......

Crafty Cheers for now





  1. Wow, I have many troubles that will never go away ..... where do I start x
    Good one Rae x

  2. I love these pages Rae.....xxxx

  3. I love your pages Rae. I need to journal. Thank you for the inspiration

  4. brilliant pages and something I will definitely try xx