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Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Colour Purple - Journal HeART week 18


Welcome back to Journal Heart guys. Looks like the great blogger tech let me down scheduling the last two weeks so I have done this on the day!!

This week's page is all about your fave my case Purples n Pink. Use your 2 favourite colours and black and white to create yourself a page of your own style. 

My page is made up of clean offs (brushes and baby wipes randomly swooshed over the page) and then stencilling on top. 

Nothing to complicated but fun bright and a happy page that is quick to produce when time has been in short supply recently

So off you go....look forward to seeing your creations!!

happy Journalling and Crafty Cheers for now!!





  1. ooo Rae - so glad you put this up - been missing my journalling - I know what I'm going to be up to this afternoon now! Hugs Rachel xx

  2. lush colour scheme x Purple's my fave x

  3. I've missed you! Love the colours. Pink and purple go well together. I love them too. Thinking head on Elaine x

  4. Brilliant Rae !! My most favourite colours too !! xx

  5. this is so cool. love it and it works so well. looks like strokes were intended to be there xx

  6. Ooooh...this looks so fresh & vibrant. Full of movement & positive it ((hugs)) Rae 😊 xx

  7. Hmm...very odd...the smiley face at the end of my comment shows as up two question marks? Anyhooo just your pink & purple Rae xx