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Friday, 12 April 2013

Splodge on the telly again.....

Well good morning everyone!!

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts recently. Most of you will know I was in hospital this week and my work has been focused on today's shows so was all under wraps!! 

As you have just seen we had some great goodies to work with I just ran out of time!!!

Its Create and Craft's 10th birthday so first up Happy Birthday......

....then I played with distress inks and Heartfelt Creations stamps
 ....Then it was time to get the medium out with Chloe's wedding stamps...
 ...then back to distress inks and gilding wax ....I promise !! this pic doesn't do that bit justice....
 ....Then some SUPERB new stamps from Art Journey (click for link) for this one....
  .....inspiration from a great film with Designs by Ryn water droplets (more awesome new raindrops designs available here)
....and then to finish up i used the new Clarity Lesson Kit... combined with the garden mask

Yet again the whole DT has done a fantastic job, I am sure you will agree and we hope you all enjoyed today's show !!

I am off to play with the masks I didn't get round to using for today's shows. Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!!

Crafty cheers for now

Love and hugs




  1. Fantastic samples was watching and then interrupted by a visitor. I could not believe it. So delighted you posted them up so I could properly enjoy.

  2. Wow Rae what fabulous samples. All so different too.
    Really enjoyed the show today - it's very nerve wracking isn't it?

  3. Awwww thanks ladies. Oh Naomi how rude lol!!! Yvonne it is n it never goes away.......:-) xx

  4. These are all fabulous! Love them all x

  5. Hope you're feeling better Rae?
    Beautiful samples, love them all!!
    Ann xx

  6. Wow what a gorgeous samples! Sorry to hear you've had a stay in hospital, I hope you're feeling better now. Have a great weekend
    Claire xx

  7. Thanks ladies. Yep I feelin good thank you. so pleased you are likin the samples. I love workin with the Splodge team :-) xx

  8. Some great samples here Rae only seen a bit of the show as am still in caravan, but saw your card on phone app with the Art Journal stamps, loved it. Looked great onTV!

  9. stunning stunning stunning!!!!!!!!x

  10. Hi Rae, just watched the repeat of the show! Your samples are lovely, so many different ideas. Hope you are feeling better now x

  11. Fabulous cards, love them all, great colours xx