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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Something old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue - Journal Heart 15 week 21

Hi guys!!

Welcome to Thursday and week 21!! This year is flying by!!

I have spent much of this week working on wedding commissions and plans (not mine!!!)
So this week's inspiration was staring me in the face 


He he yup he is back lol, well this girl has to dream. Well the Old for this was the old book pages on the base...

Something New was the Visible Image Stamp set......which mirrored the stencil I used perfectly ( it was a happy accident as this page had been started months ago!

Something borrowed......well thats a bit tougher, the image is borrowed from the internet and I borrowed my neighbours printer as mine had yet another hissy fit!!

,,,,and the Something Blue....well I am sure you can see that for yourselves!! 

To "bed" the picture into the page I used lots of scraps of old diecuts and coloured them to fit - using the Crushed Olive as an accent colour has stopped the page getting too samey. Just be careful when you use accent colour that it stays that way and doesn't take over....hehe experience talking!!

Nothing goes to waste on my pages - even the babywipe I used to clean up has made it behind the photo and in the opp corner - carrying things thru from top to bottom/left to right/diagonanlly helps to keep your page balanced. I just tend to use a little bit of the layers/patterns/colours to keep the focus on the main image.

For this page I have used some "secret journalling" for my writing, I wrote my journalling out on a seperate page and then used a punch before adding them to my layout.
There are lots of times when you dont want your private thoughts on show so why not have a go at "hiding" them into your page.

So there it is - give it a go and try and use at least 2 of the prompts, if not them all......

Happy journallin' ;-)

Crafty Cheers for now





  1. ooo thats lovely Rae - looking forward to this - have done last weeks but only just getting around to uploading pictures - will add soon! Hugs rachel xx

  2. Great work Rae, I just wish I had a finger full of your talent !!

  3. Very clever like the little bit of Olive green as an accent xxx

  4. lovely layout. what a great idea to use blue, my fave colour. and the crushed olive accent works so well xx